Sony FDR-AX700 4K Ultra HD Camcorder

Currys Price Was £1,669.00 STORE HOMEPAGE Update at 2d ago, first seen in Jul 2018
Top features: - Capture professional-quality images in 4K - Focus on moving subjects without touching a button - Take advantage of the intuitive controls for easy shooting - Make your movies look cinema-ready with the editing features Capture professional-quality imagesJust because you don't have a production studio, doesn't mean that your movies have to look amateur. Shoot festival-ready films with the Sony FDR-AX700 4K Ultra HD Camcorder. Get crisp, beautifully detailed images in 4K that pop off the screen.Don't let poor recording quality provide you with shooting limitations. Get a fuller range of colour and brightness thanks to Hybrid Log Gamma HDR technology, so that your creativity isn't stifled and you catch the image you want in whatever setting.The wide angle lens means scenic landscapes can be captured for grand opening scenes. The optical zoom allows you to get a clear close-up to capture your subject's subtle facial expressions.Focus on moving subjectsCapture fast moving images easily thanks to the enhanced BIONZ X image processing engine. The FDRAX700 is optimised for faster processing and focusing speeds so that you can shoot your exciting chase scene in stunning 4K. Take advantage of the wide auto focus range to film a large bustling setting, like a dance competition. Switch between focus points seamlessly with reliable subject tracking, so that you can focus on multiple couples at once. Want to focus on one couple? No problem. Just point the camera, and focus on a single subject.Don't let shaky hands ruin your shot. The Optical SteadyShot lets you shoot your movies still and stable, even when your hands are not. This feature is perfect if you need to move alongside your subject for a scene.Take advantage of the intuitive controlsControl your camcorder easily thanks to the manual dial and buttons, which allows you to swiftly adjust your shot's aperture, ISO, and shutter speed, so that you have better shots to work with when you get to editing.Don't want to wait until editing to see how the shot will look? No problem. With an intuitive professional menu operation, you can easily see your video on the extra fine LCD touch panel in 4K quality. While shooting, this screen allows you to focus accurately on the subjects in the shooting frame.If it's too bright outside and you can't see the screen then don't worry. The High-precision OLED Viewfinder reproduces images with extraordinary precision and accurate colour, so that you can confidently and easily monitor composition.Need to shoot a driving scene from inside the car? You can't get a cameraman for that. Just secure the camera to the dash by attaching a general-purpose accessory to the MI Shoe. Then use the built-in LANC port to connect to a LANC-compatible accessory to control the camcorder remotely. No cameraman. No problem.Make your movies look cinema-readyMaking a professional quality movie doesn't end once you're done shooting. Editing and post-production take up a massive part of creating a stunning film. Luckily, the FDR AX700 makes editing simple and easy.S-Gamut and S-Log shooting gives you flexibility to make brighter movies with colour grading in post.Upload your videos to iMovie, or Final Cut Pro X and make your finished project look ready for the cinemas.Get the most out of your camcorder We recommend using a UHS Speed Class 3 memory card as it offers the speed you need for capturing 4K Ultra HD footage. Keep your new gear protected with a travel-friendly case or bag which will also hold your daily essentials.
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