Siemens EQ.9 Plus Bean-to-Cup Automatic Coffee Machine

£1,799.00 Go to John Lewis First seen in Jul 2019
Combining distinctive Siemens design with state of the art engineering, the EQ.9 will take pride of place on any kitchen worktop. Entertaining becomes seamless with the ability to pour 2 drinks at once, while the intuitive TFT display gives you access to a large selection of hot drinks. The baristaMode allows you to customise your favourite coffee by adjusting multiple settings, while the Home Connect app and WiFi connection lets you find new creations and send them straight to the machine. Online connection Home Connect app allows you can access more than the standard 11 drink options available on the EQ9 machine. Use the app to simply search through the long list of ever growing international coffee specialities, select your choice, and send the instructions to prepare the coffee directly from the app to your machine. Perfect for when you are entertaining visitors, you can submit your guests' drink preferences straight into the app, and allow them to customise their beverage. Once everyone has submitted their choices, send the drink list straight from the app to the machine. The machine will then prepare the drinks one after the other, all you have to do is place the cup in position, allowing you more time to entertain your guests. baristaMode for customised coffees There are 5 essential parameters of baristaMode that contribute to the quality of coffee and espresso: coffee strength, amount, temperature, coffee to-milk ratio and brewing speed. By switching to baristaMode, you can make even finer, fully customised adjustments to please any coffee taste. One-touch barista With the OneTouch function, you can make any drink, whether its a milky beverage or black coffee, automatically at the touch of just one button. All functions are clearly visible on the large, colourful TFT display, where you can select your preferred drink and adjust the strength. Double cup Impress your guests with the simultaneous preparation of 2 coffee-milk specialities at once. There's an integrated coffee and milk outlet with double spouts, giving you a little more time to share your delicious coffee with friends. Perfect temperature The EQ.9 offers the unique sensoFlow system, which ensures an optimal drink temperature is consistently achieved to enhance the taste of every brew. Easy cleaning Maximise beverage quality, product lifetime and overall hygiene of your EQ.9 coffee machine with the combined cleaning and descaling program. Easy to use, calc'nClean provides a thorough clean and rinse, keeping your machine perfectly clean inside.
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