Ricoh fi-8820 ADF scanner 600 x 600 DPI A3 Black Grey

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The RICOH fi-8820 Image Scanner offers you the performance reliability and usability to maximise productivity. The result? A highly flexible reliable and cost-effective scanning operation.<br>The fi-8820 is designed for operations that need high-performance on a limited budget. With a generous Automatic Document Feeder capacity of 500 sheets and 120ppm speed it will handle continuous scanning of large volumes of documents.<br>Consistent performance is ensured by high-speed USB 3.2 or Gigabit LAN connectivity and the fact that its wide 105 opening angle and internal LED lights make it easy to maintain.<br>Stoppages are avoided thanks to state-of-the-art paper protection features such as Stapled Document Detection and the Intelligent Multi-Feed function which understands when to stop for labels sticky notes or photos and when not to.<br>Many different types of documents can be handled without fuss or interruption because of its two feed paths; the classic U-turn ADF and the straight-through path which accepts documents up to 1.25mm thick. And mixed batches are no problem thanks to the Automatic Profile Selection feature.<br>RICOH Image Scanners deliver industry-leading OCR accuracy rates and exceptional image quality. This is achieved through a combination of our unique Clear Image Capture technology and PaperStream IP driver which also removes noise and optimises file size for lower-cost storage.<br>The RICOH fi-8820 offers a complete package for high volume scanning. The hardware comes with its own PaperStream software but can be flexibly deployed with any other capture application. It has also been optimised for use with industry-leading PaperStream Capture Pro software. Tiered service plans and fixed-cost consumables and replacement parts offer predictable running costs. Back and front-side post-imprinting options are also available.<br>Engineered by the world leader in document scanners with decades of market leading innovation and expertise the fi-8820 also brings the reassurance of the most trusted scanning solutions on the planet.<br><br>Fast speed large capacity<br>With a scanning speed up to 120ppm and ADF capacity of 500 sheets this model is designed to handle the continuous scanning of large volumes of documents.<br><br>Tough Durable and Easy to Maintain<br>Durable easy-to-maintain construction ensures consistent performance. Internal LED lights switch on automatically the moment the scanner is opened. And a 105 wide opening angle means servicing is quick and efficient. The daily cleaning mode ensures your scanner remains in peak condition.<br><br>Reliably Fast Connectivity<br>Both USB 3.2 and Gigabit LAN options are available on this model - providing high-speed reliable connectivity and ensuring data can be transferred quickly and accurately.<br><br>Easily Handles Different Document Types<br>Incorporating both U-turn and straight-path scanning many different document types can be handled without fuss or delay. Even documents up to 1.25mm in thickness can be accommodated via the straight-through path scanning option.<br><br>Industry-leading Paper Protection Technology<br>Costly delays and potential damage are avoided thanks to industry-leading paper protection features such as Stapled Document Detection.<br><br>Intelligent Multi-Feed Function<br>The intelligent Multi-Feed Function (iMFF) assesses and understands both when to stop for stickers or photos attached to documents and when to ignore them and continue the scan.<br><br>Eliminate Mixed Batch Preparation<br>The Automatic Profile Selection feature can also eliminate the time and effort needed to sort batches into different document types by automatically applying the correct scan profile to recognised forms.<br><br>Reduce Post-Scan Effort<br>Enhanced paper ejection and stacking control ensure scanned documents are neatly stacked and ready to be lifted from the tray with ease.<br><br>Industry Leading OCR Accuracy<br>RICOHs unique Clear Image Capture technology delivers industry-leading OCR accuracy rates and exceptional image quality.<br><br>Optimised File Sizes for Low-Cost Storage<br>RICOHs PaperStream IP driver supplied with every scanner removes noise and optimises file sizes for lower-cost storage.<br><br>Ergonomic Design<br>Ergonomic operator-centric design means control buttons are easy to access and the instrument panel is angled towards the user for greater efficiency. At 23kg in weight and with comfortable hand grips this scanner is designed to be easily transportable.<br><br>Capture Software Flexibility<br>The model has been developed so that it can be deployed with greater flexibility across the operation. All scanners are supplied with PaperStream Software including the PaperStream IP driver PaperStream ClickScan and Paperstream Capture. It can also be used with any of the leading alternative capture software packages. And specifically this scanner has been optimised to work with the industry leading Paperstream Capture Pro premium multi-station software option. <br><br>Predictable Running Costs<br>Keep control of running costs with tiered service plans and fixed cost consumables and replacement parts to match your operational budget.<br><br>Post-Imprinting Options<br>To help track and manage documents post-imprinting options for date time and index numbers are available for back or front-side printing.<br><br>Buy with Confidence from the Market Leaders<br>With over 15 million scanners sold to date and the largest market share globally RICOHs enduring reputation for reliability and premium quality ensures you are buying the worlds most trusted scanning solution. <br><br>Innovation & Expertise <br>Building on decades of continuous innovation our ProDes design centre in Japan is dedicated to the study development and evolution of scanners. Coupled with our unique Organisational Intelligence approach to digital transformation and business value RICOH Image Scanners ensure your scanning operation can achieve greater flexibility resilience and cost-effectiveness.
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