NightComfort NightComforts Polyester Firm Support Pillow

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Using NightComfort's hotel-quality pillows is even more comfortable than using other pillows. Our soft and fluffy pillows are suitable for ensuring quality sleep, which is necessary for good health. These pillows will keep your head, neck, and spine in a neutral position while also supporting the natural curvature of your spine. Regardless of how you sleep, its soft bounce back supports pillow keeps your neck and shoulder in a healthy position. Our pillows that are made of soft cotton blend cover are comfortable and can be added on top of the pillow if more support is needed. These fibres are breathable, which minimises the risk of oil or sweat stains. Its anti-allergy cover fabric and filling made this pillow dust-mite resistant, sneeze-free, and moisture-wicking what makes it more comfortable to sleep. NightComfort's pillow sizes are UK standard bedding sizes. Our pillows are machine washable at 40 degrees to maintain their bouncy freshness.FEATURES:polycotton outer coverFilled with hollowfibre materialWhite in ColourAvailable in packs of 1, 2 and 4Support range Soft, Medium and Firm supportSkin-friendly treated fibreSuitable for posture in alignmentAffordable and longer durabilityMachine washable at 40┬░CAnti-allergy, breathable, anti-mite, cleanability
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