NightComfort NightComforts Cotton Blend Zipped Mattress Protector

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Night Comfort provides to you a high-quality sleep comfort pillows. This pillows will give you the best night sleep. For more relaxable, this pillow is the best choice for you. It will help your neck when you sleep at night. This breathable pillow comes with high rich materials and it has pipe edges. This pillow is fitted with an armchair that you will feel for relaxable.this pillow will give you support on your back, neck and head. when you will sit up in bed you will get extra support. This deep box comfort pillow outer cover is made of 100% Cotton & inner filled by hollow fibre.Product Specifications:Brand Name: Night Comfort.Material:Cover: 100% CottonFilling: Hollow fibre.Size: 65cm x 40cm(Standard UK Size)Washing Instructions: Machine Washable at 40°C.
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