NightComfort NightComforts Bounce Back Hollowfibre Filled Pillow

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NightComfort pillows ensure it's a high-quality, soft pillow that will keep you comfortable all night. Our ultra-soft pillow will make you want to replace your old pillows. With our deep sleep soft pillows, you never have to worry about sleeping in discomfort again. Our fluffy luxury pillow is the best sleeping companion on the bed. Its soft bounce back supports pillow keeps your neck and shoulder in a healthy position regardless of how you sleep. It's super fluffy and bounces back after each use, returning to its original shape. It's hypoallergenic, so it'll help allergy sufferers without producing rashes or allergies. The sizes of our hotel-quality big bed pillows are the same as the UK standard bedding size. It's designed to fit standard bed sizes. This sleeping pillow is effortlessly machine washed at 40 degrees without any additional effort.FEATURES:Made of PolypropyleneFilled with hollowfibre materialAvailable in packs of 2, 4, 6Skin-friendly treated fibreSuitable for posture in alignmentAffordable and longer durabilityAnti-allergic, Breathable, Anti-mite, Comfortable, CleanabilityMachine washable at 40°C
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