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Inspired by clinical honey bandages, Honey Treatment Day Cream concentrates the most powerful bee products chosen by Guerlain research to correct 4 visible marks of collagen loss linked to ageing. Day after day, wrinkles are reduced and skin’s firmness, smooth appearance and radiance are restored. Skin is repaired and looks visibly younger. It is manufactured using a formulation protocol creating a shaping texture with a bandage effect. It seamlessly becomes one with skin, impregnating all the epidermal layers with repairing active ingredients. Honey Treatment Day Cream is refillable. Formulated with 94% naturally-derived ingredients, Honey Treatment Day Cream is powered by advanced Dynamic BlackBee Repair technology, the unprecedented combination of 4 repairing honeys and an exclusive royal jelly. It is notably combined with polyfragmented hyaluronic acid and a pro-elasticity peptide extract to deliver the highest efficacy to the deep layers of the epidermis. THE EXCEPTIONAL REPAIRING POWER OF CLINICAL HONEY BANDAGES Abeille Royale was brought to life by an intuition: the biological parallel between healing mechanisms and those to repair the signs of ageing. For more than ten years, Guerlain research has been relying on the powers of honey used for millennia as healing bandages to create specialist skincare for youthful skin in collaboration with scientific experts in honey-based skin repair. THE INSPIRATION OF THE T.I.M.E. MEDICAL PROTOCOL Honey bandages act on the 4 phases of the T.I.M.E clinical repair process: T: Tissular Polishing; I: Inflammation Soothing; M: Moisture Lock-In; E: Elasticity Renewal. Inspired by this protocol, Honey Treatment Day Cream targets rejuvenating self-repair: skin is smoothed and plumped-up, its radiance is amplified. From Guerlain. Based on the international ISO standard 16128.
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