Canon EOS R8 Compact System Camera

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Level-up your creativity with the EOS R8 lightweight hybrid mirrorless camera. This full-frame beauty is endowed with a 24.2MP CMOS sensor, great for wide, expansive landscapes, but just as good in low-light settings. You get sensational image quality, and the ability for gorgeous soft-focus bokeh backgrounds. 4K UHD movies are possible thanks to 6K oversampling, with pro film-making features to finish off your footage with a cinematic touch. Dual Pixel CMOS AF II autofocus recognises and tracks subjects right across the frame. And then share your work to your followers in an instant with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sharing. Upgrade to fabulous full-frame photography and never look back.

24.2MP full-frame sensor

A 24.2 megapixel sensor delivers an ideal balance of speed, image quality and low-light performance. The ability to focus in conditions as dark as -6.5EV (less than the light of a half-moon) is complemented by a maximum ISO 102,400 sensitivity.

Renowned Dual Pixel CMOS AutoFocus II

The EOS R8 has been programmed using a state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithm that lets it track moving subjects as they move about the frame. Securely lock on and track people’s faces, eyes, and heads. For animal photography it recognises cats, dogs, horses, and birds in flight, plus, tracking vehicles like cars, motorbikes, trains and aircraft, it locks onto fast-moving subjects wherever they are in the frame.

4K Ultra High Definition

Shoot movie footage in true cinematic style. Capture 4K video at frame rate 60p, or shoot Full HD footage at up to 180p frame rates for stunning slow motion sequences. The autofocus power of the R8 keeps things sharp and allows for impressive pull-focus transitions.

RF lens mount

Its pioneering lens mount places the high performance optics of Canon's RF range of lenses at optimum distance from the sensor for a step forward in creative photography. It can be used with existing EF-S (with a cropped area) and EF lenses with no loss of performance, when attached to the Mount Adapter EF-EOS R (not included).

High resolution viewfinder

Shoot with the exceptionally clear 2.36 million dot EVF, relating approx. 100% of the scene, for a traditional shooting stance.

Vari-angle touch screen

Its bright 1.62 million dot touch screen adjusts to 170° vertically and horizontally so you can shoot from tricky angles and dynamic perspectives.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Always on low energy Bluetooth connection lets you sync your work with your smart device and Wi-Fi can share instantly to cloud services.


Advanced dust and moisture resistance ensures it's tough in all weathers.

Lenses and cases

One of the biggest advantages of this camera is the sheer shooting flexibility on offer. You can use additional lenses to take wide-angle, telephoto, or close-up shots to suit just about any situation. The shorter the focal length (measured in mm), the wider the view will be – the longer the focal length, the more telescopic the picture. With a selection of interchangeable lenses at your disposal, the creative possibilities are endless. Click here to browse our selection.

Take care of your new camera with one of our cases. Click here to view the range.

Note: Please check the compatibility with your camera.

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