Scan 3XS Gamer 7 Desktop PC

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Built to take on simple and 3D games - the Gamer 7 1080 features the latest Pascal NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card with 8GB dedicated memory and Intel's powerful ”Kaby Lake” Core i7 7700 with 4 cores. The 3XS Gamer 7 1080 also includes 16GB of Corsair Vengeance 2133MHz DDR4, an Asus Pro Gaming motherboard, a 480GB SSD for lightning quick gaming loading and a 2TB hard disk. VR Ready NVIDIA's ultra-fast GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card is ideal for playing all types of games at a high frame rate on a super-sharp 2560 x 1440 monitor (not included) or even a razor-sharp 4K monitor (not included). GeForce GTX graphics cards provide a powerful next-generation platform for the ultimate immersive virtual reality experience. PCs marked with GeForce GTX VR Ready ensure that your VR games will be optimised for best-in-class results. Immersive VR requires seven times the graphics processing power of traditional 3D apps and games. NVIDIA's unique set of features - such as multi-res shading - mean you get the right level of performance, image quality, and latency to ensure your VR experience is nothing short of amazing. Smooth processor With powerful Intel Core i7 7700 which has 4 physical cores and 4 HyperThreading cores running at between 3.6 and 4.2GHz to deliver great performance in games and multimedia applications such as video and photo editing. It's purposely built to support Thunderbolt 3 and face-scanning cameras (not included) used for Windows Hello. Right memory Fast and reliable system memory is a crucial part of any gaming PC. Scan 3XS Pro Gaming systems exclusively use Corsair memory modules as they perform the best and are extremely consistent. This system includes 16GB of Corsair DDR4 running at 2133MHz meaning you can run multiple applications at once plus all types of games. Fast storage No need to wait around as this system includes an SSD for your games and operating system, plus an HDD for your music and photos. SSDs use solid-state memory, so boot into Windows, load games and applications in a fraction of the time of a mechanical HDD. Quiet cooling The Gamer 7 1080 is incredibly powerful but it's also extremely quiet thanks to the use of whisper quiet fans, a high quality Corsair power supply and a special BIOS profile that minimises unnecessary noise so you can enjoy your favourite games without distraction. Sharp sound Stunning graphics are great, but what really makes PC gaming so immersive are the sound effects and music that draw you into the action. Thanks to its Asus Pro Gaming motherboard this PC has SupremeFX audio that produces crystal clear sound ensuring you hear every audio cue in flawless detail. Peace of mind Scan provides lifetime technical support via the phone and online 7 days a week. In addition, all Scan 3XS gaming PCs are covered by the brand's Premium 3-Year Warranty. This means that if your system develops a fault in its first year, then Scan will send an engineer to your home to repair it. In the remaining two years of the warranty they'll still repair or replace any faulty parts, but do this from our state of the art factory in the UK.
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