Kitchenaid 5KCF0104BBK Artisan Cook Processor

£499.00 Go to Prc Direct First seen in Jul 2018
  Artisan Cook Processor It handles ingredients like a regular processor, and will chop, knead, mince, emulsify, whip and purée. Then it cooks them the way you would – boil, fry, stew or steam. Beginner cooks will find themselves tackling increasingly adventurous meals. Home-made pastries and bread are a breeze: all that kneading is handled by the machine’s special dough blade, in record time. And hard to tackle sauces – from béchamel to hollandaise – will become an easy everyday addition. This gleaming dream machine consists of a stylish 4. 5 litre stainless steel pot with ergonomic handles, hinged lid and feed opening, so you can add ingredients even while others are cooking. Our patented StirAssist feature gently flips and stirs ingredients, cooking them evenly and ensuring ‘stirred-by-hand’ results. The mini-bowl with matching blade is perfect for smaller quantities like pesto, pastes and baby food. Get inspired with our beautiful free cookbook and smart App for step-by-step guidance to classic meals. Whether you start off simple or go straight to gourmet – whatever you cook will increase your culinary creativity. Available in Empire Red, Candy Apple, Frosted Pearl, Onyx Black, Almond Cream and Medallion Silver.   Precise and controlled cooking These three elements combine to deliver prefect cooking results: Precise temperature control, from 40 to 140°C thanks to the thick-bottomed cooking bowl and a precision temperature sensor, heat is evenly distributed, even at high temperature, making frying or browning meats or vegetables effortless. StirAssist specially designed to gently flip and stir food for even cooking and "hand-crafted" results. 4,5L cooking bowl large enough to prepare meals for up to 6 people. An all-in-one appliance Why purchase several appliances when just one can assist you with all your preparations and free up kitchen space? With the Cook Processor you can prepare cold dishes in a flash: it can chop onions, crush ice, slice carrots, mix cake batter, purée baby food, whip cream or knead pizza dough.With the automatic cooking modes, the Cook Processor can save you time as it cooks the food while you do something else: it can proof dough, boil soup, simmer stew, fry meat or steam fish and vegetables. With a die-cast metal body, stainless steel cooking bowl and top quality finish, the Cook Processor is undeniably sturdy and built to last.  
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